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What do the polls say? — The latest from Britain Elects

The latest political opinion polls in one place

The Conservatives won the 2019 general election with the highest vote share for any party since 1979. The Labour Party, in opposition, won its lowest number of seats since 1935.

Since then the polls have fluctuated significantly. For any politico, keeping an eye on the polls is a healthy sport, but fixating on individual surveys is a risky endeavour. Better, instead, to look at the polls in aggregate. Modelling from the Britain Elects poll trackers helps us to cut through the noise of outlier surveys and instead get a clearer understanding of who most Brits would vote for.

Tracking individual polls

The Britain Elects trackers are updated as soon as new surveys come out. They cover not just Westminster voting intentions, but attitudes to the prime minister, Keir Starmer, Scottish independence and other topical issues.