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June 15, 2022

How popular was Boris Johnson really?

Use our gadget to guess where public opinion on the Prime Minister was at key moments of his time in office.

By Mengying Du, Ben Walker and Nicu Calcea

Everyone is guilty of getting caught up in their own political bubbles. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can certainly skew your impression of what the UK as a country actually thinks. When Boris Johnson entered Downing Street in 2019 he was already an unpopular figure. He won the plaudits of Leave voters, while antagonising those who backed Remain, and has since endured a whirlwind of public opinion.

So how liked – or disliked – is Johnson really? Use our handy gadget to guess where he stood with the public at the various junctures of his prime ministerial career. See how high he soared during the coronavirus crisis (or didn’t), and how low he has fallen since. The results may surprise you.

Built by Mengying Du

Headlines collection and analysis by James Hurren and Prakriti Bakshi