Britain in numbers

The 2022 UK election results

Mapping the local election results across Great Britain.

By Ben Walker

This is your page for detailed local election results. They are collected by Ben Walker of Britain Elects. The ward-by-ward map, built by Josh Rayman, will visualise these results live in an easily accessible form. Enter your postcode to find the result in your ward, or pan the map to see how things have played out.

A spreadsheet of the results is now available here.

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The detail

The map above displays the first-placed party by ward. The tooltip shows the vote share and past winners. Vote share for multi-member wards employs the top vote method, which means that the highest-performing candidate from a party counts as that party’s “true” vote. In Scotland, the tooltip displays the aggregate vote share of first preferences.

Please direct all errors and missing data to Ben Walker. He can be contacted on Twitter @BNHWalker or @BritainElects.

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